Minggu, 14 Maret 2010

love letter for lover

To my love I love All That My Heart,

Only a week ago You go to foreign countries to continue your studies but I think I had all these years to see you. Longing in my heart can not stand it any longer suppressed, and wanted me to be able to see you soon.

My beloved, beautiful atmosphere I remember when we both were in the shop when the wind sends meatballs drizzling rain from the sky into our earth. Temaramnya sky makes me flowers because you are always able to make me happy. A bowl of meatballs we eat together more than a dozen tasting delicious dishes expensive food in a fancy restaurant. Kehadiranmulah that makes all the food to be delicious.

My love, still remember when we were boating on the lake. Shadow tree by the lake danced in the water while your smile is always breaking menjawabi all acting. You always make a beautiful landscape with a charming smile and calm. You always make a good weather with the soothing tatapmu.

My love, I can not wait to get together with spent our days later. The days that will always be beautiful because of the sincerity of your love as long as you gave it to me. I promise to always pray that you can complete your learning immediately because I immediately wanted to meet you.

I really love you, my beloved. I too will always be looking forward to your return.

From your lover,......

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AMOR GUERRERO mengatakan...

wah..wah ternyata adik Q jago bahasa inggris juga ya....>>> ni jago apa dia copy pas ya???

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